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Garnet and Gold Club

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Garnet and Gold club was designed to promote school spirit and to get the students involved in extracurricular activities.  We do lots of fun things throughout the school year to keep the student body engaged in the school beyond academics.

Reasons why you should join:

  • We oversee the Homecoming dance
  • We put on contests for prizes
  • We decorate the student sections and the hallways
  • We have Bake sales
  • We go on field trips
  • We make goodies for the sports teams on game day
  • This club is a great way to make friends and get to know new people
  • We keep you involved and in the know about what's happening around the school
  • We promote positive attitudes and always build each other up 



Shelly Stafford



Kelsey Nobles

Autumn McLemore

Hunter Flowers

Taryn Kirkland


Officers in Training:

Noelle Prichard

Kacy Partridge